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STEP Mathematics tutoring rates start from £55 per hour with a one-off matching fee of £50 – our pricing is transparent with no hidden costs.

* We do not facilitate cheating or academic misconduct in any way. Please do not call or request anything unethical from our team. *

Dr Jack - Step Mathematics tutor
Dr JackPhD (QMUL), MMath (with Distinction) and BA (First Class) (University of Cambridge) in Mathematics, Over 2,000 Hours Experience Tutoring.

Our Top STEP Mathematics Tutors

Dr Arjun

Masters And Ph.D In Mathematics, Tutors at All Levels

Dr Arjun
( 4,585 Hours )
Ckd Background Check
! Face to Face or Online
About Dr Arjun
  • Attended:
  • University of Sheffield
  • University of Bath

I believe my role as a tutor is to provide my students with individual assistance and support with their problems, and equally importantly, to try and ignite their interest in studying. I try and engage my students, to stimulate them, while still making them feel comfortable around me. It is essential that students not only get good grades, but also understand concepts, learn to think mathematically and solve problems themselves.

Rather than just showing them how to solve problems, I encourage students to think and work through things themselves, while only gently prodding them in the right direction. This tends to greatly enhance their knowledge and self-confidence, and many are surprised at how well they do.

Dr Nicholas

Experienced Examiner of Physics and Mathematics, Teacher of All Levels, Ex-Principle University Lecturer

Dr Nicholas
( 3,415 Hours )
Ckd Background Check
! Face to Face
About Dr Nicholas
  • Attended:
  • Queen Mary, University of London (University of London)
  • Cardiff University

After obtaining 15 O levels, 5 A levels and 2 S levels at School I obtained a first class honours degree in physics and mathematics with my major physics topic being astrophysics from London University. I am friendly, compassionate and approachable. I am passionate about education, always striving for the best in every student, allowing them to reach their maximum potential. I teach A Level, STEP, NSAA, MAT, as well as undergraduate and higher levels.

I am a very experienced teacher and tutor who has helped numerous students of all abilities in Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry. I was previously a Headteacher of a Secondary school and believe that effort is more important than natural ability. I have tutored up to university level in Mathematics and Physics and taught Chemistry to students up to age 18.

Dr Jack

PhD (QMUL), MMath (with Distinction) and BA (First Class) (University of Cambridge) in Mathematics, Over 2,000 Hours Experience Tutoring.

Dr Jack
( 2,029 Hours )
Ckd Background Check
! Face to Face or Online
About Dr Jack
  • Attended:
  • Queen Mary, University of London (University of London)
  • Prior Pursglove College
  • University of Cambridge

I have been a full time Mathematics tutor since March 2018 and have over 2500 hours of experience with private tuition. In this time I have received nine five-star TrustPilot reviews (for The Profs) as well as being nominated for The Profs' "Best Newcomer Award" 2017-2018.

My research specialism is in Combinatorics (sometimes known as discrete mathematics) and Probability. Specifically, graph theory and the theory of random graphs, including geometric random graphs.


about our STEP Tuition Services I had a session with Victoria, who was wonderful. She was patient, clear and encouraging, she also demonstrated a strong knowledge base of maths. To begin with I was a bit unsure about the whole thing, but having gone through with it I would encourage anyone who needs some help/guidance to go for this service, they are approachable and all around friendly and helpful. Karina, Oxford University

How Expert STEP Tutoring Can Help You

Ace your STEP exams with the help of our top tutors

Where and when can I meet my tutor?

The majority of tuition arranged through The Profs takes place online, meaning that students from all over the world can access the best tutors in the UK (and elsewhere). The timing of sessions is always different and depends on your availability and the tutor’s schedule. Let us know any preferences or restrictions on your time, and we will do our best to accommodate.

How quickly can you find me a STEP Mathematics Tutor?

Matching you with the right tutor can’t be rushed, but we won’t be wasting any time either. It usually takes around 2-3 working days, so do get in touch as soon as possible to give yourself the best chance of success. If you need to find someone sooner than that, you will need to request a Priority Placement, for which there is an extra charge (see our pricing page). We will then undertake to find someone on the same day if possible. If we can’t, we will only charge the usual placement fee.

Can I have a free online tutoring session as a trial?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer trial sessions. Still, you will have a chance to speak to your tutor before your first session, usually for around half an hour, to discuss your requirements in more detail and help them prepare properly for your time together. We also have a student satisfaction policy for the first session, which you can read more about in our Terms and Conditions.

How much is a STEP Mathematics Tutor with The Profs?

STEP Mathematics tutoring depends on the level, the experience of your selected tutor, and the exact field of study you wish to be tutored in. Our tutoring works on a pay-as-you-go model with a one-time registration fee. Undergraduate tutoring starts form £75 per hour and postgraduate tutoring from £90 per hour. Specialist tutoring in very niche fields begins at £120 per hour. School subjects are taught at £60 per hour. For those seeking university application support, our prices start at £150 per hour.

Do you have a Code of Conduct?

Absolutely! The Profs are proud to be part of the Tutor’s Association, and we expect all our tutors to abide by the Association’s Code of Ethics, which you can find on your Profs Tutor Cruncher account, in PDF form. We have also added our own Founding Principles, which we give out in every interview, and Terms and Conditions for tutors, which you can read on this website. If ever in doubt, you can call us in the office. We want you to be the best tutor you can be!

How many sessions will I need?

It really depends what you are trying to achieve, but it’s very difficult for anyone to make good progress with any topic in less than 5 hours total, and we don’t arrange tuition placements for any less than that. We usually recommend a 2 hour session to begin with, and many students stick with that length. Weekly or twice weekly sessions are usual, but this is always open to discussion with the tutor, and depending on the deadline, we can always arrange sessions more or less frequently than that. Part of the service our tutors provide is an initial consultation. The tutor will be able to discuss your aims with you, and based on their experience with the topics, will be able to give you an estimate of the time needed. They can also help you to structure your study, in between sessions, to ensure that you are making good progress. What do people say about The Profs Tutors We are extremely proud of our online reviews, available on Trustpilot and on Facebook. We also store the feedback on all our tutors’ work, so we can make sure that we are confident when we put them forward. Unfortunately, we cannot give out details of our students.

How will STEP Mathematics tutoring help me?

The Profs STEP Mathematics tutors undertake to provide the best help and advice that they can. You’ll be working with an expert in your selected STEP Mathematics, who has taught at an advanced level for a number of years. The tutoring will be tailored to your exact and unique needs, and will be scheduled to suit any timeframe or deadline you may have.  Your tutor will arrange an initial consultation to establish your goals and time-limit for the tutoring. After that point you can use their recommendations and can book as many sessions as you need to achieve your desired goal. We pride ourselves on our fantastic track-record of helping students and their high satisfaction levels.

How do I find the best tutor using The Profs?

We find the best STEP Mathematics tutor for you! We only feature a small selection of our tutors on our website. If you see a STEP Mathematics tutor listed that interests you, you can submit a contact form to book them if they have availability.  If your perfect fit isn’t shown online, we’ll find you the perfect STEP Mathematics tutor using our expert matching process. Our Client Liaison Managers will use the information you provide to identify the best tutor from our 450 strong tutor base.

How does The Profs Tutors work?

The Profs will expertly match you with a private tutor from our network of professional and supremely-qualified educators. Our tutors are incredibly experienced teachers, many of whom have taught at university level and hold advanced degrees. We interview all of our tutor before they join our network and assess their teaching standard. Only the top 3% of tutors that apply make it through to work with The Profs. Our Client Liaison Managers will take our requirements and approach the best tutors with the relevant experience. You’ll be provided with a shortlist to choose from. We are proud that 90% of our students work with a specialist in their exact field. Most of our tutoring sessions take place online, but can, in some cases be face-to-face. The lessons will take place at times that suit both your schedule and your tutor’s. We’ll call you after your first tutorial to check that everything is going well. In the unlikely event that you’re unhappy with your match, please do let us know your feedback.