11 Things You Didn’t Know BitPaper Could Do

BitPaper is the online collaborative whiteboard created by tutors, for tutors! Check out 11 hidden features in this article:

1. Screen Shot And Paste ANYTHING Onto BitPaper.

Mac Users:

Hit ⌘ + CTRL + SHIFT + 4 (you get used to it…) to snip any part of your screen and then paste (⌘+V) directly onto BitPaper. Position the image, and then double click to add it to your board.

Use BitPaper's Snip'n'Paste function to quickly create great content.

Windows Users:

Download Lightshot. It’s a small app that allows you to change the functionality of your ‘print screen’ button, so when you press print screen you gain the option to highlight a specific area by drawing a box around it. Then you can use CTRL+C and CTRL+V to copy and paste things into BitPaper. (The app allows you to change the hotkeys, you can still screenshot the whole screen if you need to, you just need to access the app to check the hotkey for it.)

Note: Please use a Creative Commons Search to ensure that you have permission to use images.

2. Maximise Your Writing Space (Full Screen Mode and Hiding Tabs).

Hit ‘F’ to maximise your screen size. Now hit ‘T’ to hide your tabs. This also maximises your print-to-pdf screen size.

Use Shift To Create Straight Lines (or fix shapes).

Hold Shift to draw straight lines. You can also fix shapes to any proportion.

3. Duplicate Your Papers So That You Can Reuse Them.

A great feature of online tuition is that you can reuse the same notes again and again. I like to create 5-10 pages of colour, interactive notes for my tutees. I then save the board twice. One for my lesson, and the second as a template for future tutorials. Now BitPaper has allowed me to negate travel and preparation for many of my tutorials.

Over time you can create entire libraries of your own resources.

Switch Boards Using <>.

Flick quickly between boards using the ‘<' and '>‘ keys.

Undo Anything…

Erasers are so 1990s. Undo anything using CTRL + Z [Windows] or ⌘ + Z [Mac]

…And Redo!

You can even undo what you’ve previously undone. Redo = Undo2

Keyboard Shortcuts (HotKeys).

Hit ‘m’ any time to check out our shortcuts. Try starting off with SHIFT for straight lines and CTRL+Z for undo.


2:pen settings


4:move board



Hotkey Hot sheet

Hit Esc to Cancel Pop-Ups.

Or when you accidentally paste the wrong image into BitPaper…

Set Homework on BitPaper

Both you and your clients can save the same board using BitPaper. This allows you to set homework for them to complete outside of your tutorials. (You’ll have to ask them to resend the new link once they’ve finished).

Play Tic Tac Toe. Anywhere.

It’s also a great ice-breaker for those new to online tuition =)

I hate it when I lose. Especially to myself

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