The 7 Best Ways To Get Your Students Into Online Tutoring

Once you’ve set yourself up to become an online tutor, you’re going to need some online tutees.

You will want to build up a new client base, but don’t forget to also move your existing clients across to online tuition. To achieve this, you’ve got to make the move to online right for your clients. Here are my favourite tips how:

1) Free Trial: Offer them a free 10-minute trial. This is a showcase and you will need to invest a bit of time into creating something fun and interactive that demonstrates all the best features. This needs to have a lasting WOW factor to work. I use the same tutorial for this showcase every time, which involves the visually impactful diagram below:

Students are able to add to diagrams in real time to illustrate their understanding.

2) Supercharge Your Tutorials With Tech: Show how the technology can work in their favour. Look at my advanced online tutoring tips to help you convince them of the switch. The ability to record tutorials and create downloadable PDF notes are my favourite features that traditional tutoring can’t keep up with!

3) Urgent Homework Help? No Problem!: Demonstrate to your students how added flexibility works for them too. For example, they have a homework question that they are really struggling with. How about a 15-30 minute extra tutorial to help them crack it? You’d never travel all the way to them for 15 minutes, right? But 15 minutes out of your evening could be mutually beneficial online.

4) Online Discounts (Be Warned!): If you are regularly spending money to travel to your client, you could consider offering a rate cut for online tuition. Personally, I never discount online tuition because I want my clients to know that I’m offering the same quality service online as in person. However, if online tuition is going to save you significant time and travel costs, it is certainly an attractive option if my first three tips don’t work out.

5) The Switcheroo: Credit to Dan, the king of online tuition, for this one. It has never failed to work for me! For the more stubborn clients, meet them in person as usual (or for the first tutorial). Rather than pulling out pen and paper, set up your laptop and writing tablet. Conduct the tutorial and make it great! Write on the screen rather than use any paper, download the notes, and record the summaries of what you cover. At the end of the tutorial, ask them if you really needed to be there at all.

6) The Online Gambit: Just tell them that it’s online or nothing. Your time is valuable and you believe that online tutoring offers the best results. Check out How I Doubled My Hourly Tuition Rate for more on setting and enforcing your boundaries. This is a possible extreme extension of The ‘Switcheroo’.

7) Join a tutoring company: In a well-established and competitive industry, the fastest way to build up a new client base is by joining a tutoring company. Many tutors at The Profs work exclusively online. Knowing this, our team are trained to fully explain to prospective clients the many benefits of moving online. Working through a company is not for everyone, but it quickly brings higher rates and greatly saves on the admin of invoicing and payment chasing. Just make sure that, in return, the company is also working for you!

I hope that these strategies help you move your working life online. Happy tutoring!

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