Behold! The Awesome Power Of The Sticky Note

The Power Of 1000 Stickies

These sticky notes are in their dormant state and therefore safe.

I accidentally created this method back in my first year of undergraduate studies. I was young, foolish, bored. Blissfully unaware of the formidable power stored in the underside of every sticky note. Ladies, gentlemen, students: the method I am about to reveal to you has allowed me to avoid testing myself on quotes, definitions or formulas, ever again. In the right hands, this tool is so powerful that it could threaten the existence of vocabulary lists themselves. But in the wrong hands…

Overexposure to sticky notes has been known to cause madness...

Introducing the Sticky Note Challenge©


  • 1 pad of medium-large sized sticky notes
  • A pen, pencil or quill (style points if you actually own a quill!)


  1. Always have a sticky pad by your side when revising.
  2. Whenever a definition, quote or equation comes up, grab your sticky notes.
  3. Write a short, simple question on the front of a sticky note.
  4. Flip it over and write the definition, quote or equation (whatever you want to remember) on the flip side.
  5. Now for the hard part: at the end of your revision session, stick these notes in ridiculous places. Over a light switch, under your toothbrush, inside your shoes, on a milk carton in the fridge…
  6. Whenever you come across one, you MUST test yourself (ideally, out loud) BEFORE you flip over the answer and check it.
  7. When you’ve got it right three days in a row (or 5 times in a day), replace it with a new sticky note.


  • You must never ignore a sticky note.
  • Really, you must never ever ignore one.
  • I cannot express how important it is that you do not ignore them.
  • Whenever a sticky note challenges you, you must rise up and try to conquer it.

NOTES-Try using different coloured sticky notes for different subjects.
-Try keeping all your old sticky notes in one place so that you can test yourself on everything in one final test before the exam.

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Never write another definitions list or skim through endless vocab lists again! You should cover everything you own in sticky notes in the weeks leading up to an exam. If your fellow inhabitants aren’t complaining that they can’t even go to the toilet without finding another bloody sticky note, you ain’t doing it right 🙂

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