Private Tutor vs Personal Trainer

Q: Why do people pay for personal trainers when anyone could do sit-ups in their home for free?

A: Because personal trainers get you more active, more often. They keep you motivated and, most importantly, they help you achieve the results you want.

When we told Petunia her grades were on track, this isn't exactly what we meant.

Comparing The Costs of Private Tutors to Personal Trainers

but does your personal trainer have a PhD bruv?

Your education is arguably as important as your health so if you’d invest in a personal trainer, why not invest in a private tutor?

Three Ways A Private Tutor Is Like A Personal Trainer

    Maybe you're into this sort of thing. We're not.

    Revision, just like lifting weights, involves building your muscles. Your brain is a muscle and is not so different from your biceps – working hard consistently will make them become better at their job. In the brain’s case that’s being able to find and process information faster.

    A private tutor’s role is to keep you focused every minute of your time together. They will set achievable targets for your next tutorial, giving you the direction and structure that accelerates your learning towards that all-important goal.


    “Whilst Shia scored very highly in the motivation category, sadly we didn’t offer him a job.”

    We private tutors don’t tend to scream in your ear like personal trainers might, but we do know how to balance positive and negative motivation. That is, telling you when you can push yourself that little bit harder to reach the next grade, and when you are so far off the mark that you’ve gotta hunker down and get the job done. Either way, a private tutor is going to be in your corner. They will provide you with the structure that you need to achieve your goals and will share in your successes.


    It is not just what a private tutor teaches, but how they teach it that matters. The best personal trainers act as coaches, who show you how to execute their tried-and-tested exercises and correct you when you go wrong. The greatest private tutors act as mentors and study buddies. They jump into the trenches with their students and make sure that they are ready to combat their exams. They should monitor a student’s progress to make sure that they are keeping on top of their studies. Finally, private tutors ensure that your focus is on exam technique and application to the exam, not just knowledge. Be honest with yourself, just how many hours have you spent staring blankly at the wall?

The Key Difference

A private tutor’s goal is to get their students more active, more effective and more confident about their studies. However, there is a significant difference in the life-time value offered between personal training and private tuition.

Lifetime Value

Sadly, the benefits of a personal trainer are relatively short-lived. Personally speaking, over the years I have repeatedly bulked up to compete in boxing matches or got myself fit as a fiddle for track and marathon events. But it never ceases to amaze me just how quickly my body can revert back to it’s natural, puny, puny self.


Good education, on the other hand, stays with you forever. My brain, unlike my biceps, has never felt as though it’s getting smaller and weaker after a period of intense work (interpret: cramming).

Looking To Supercharge Your Revision With A Tutor?

So a great private tutor doesn’t just temporarily get you across some line; they crank your entire life onto a higher trajectory. Utilising the expertise and mentoring of a private tutor can lead to life-changing results. In a world where missing a grade can be the difference between a university or career offer or not, and where dropping 1% can lead to retaking an entire year, a private tutor can change your life forever. If you’re unsure as to whether you would benefit from a tutor, just give us a call and we will happily discuss your options.

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