Can You Get a Private Tutor at University?

All students are permitted to work with a private tutor at university if they wish to. Although you will likely work with seminar tutors, lecturers, personal tutors, and other support services at your university, a private tutor can give you more personal, tailored support for all areas of your course.

Whether you are adjusting to higher education on an undergraduate course or are undertaking a postgraduate degree, private tuition can benefit your education. If you are struggling to keep up with your university work at any point, it can be a great idea to get support from a private university tutor.

Private tutors can help you with specific areas of your course or particular modules that you are finding difficult. For example, if you are studying undergraduate Economics and are struggling with a Macroeconomics module, an experienced professional tutor can help you understand the topic in greater detail, improve your coursework, and prepare for exams in that module.

Private tutors can also provide more generalised support with your university level study. For instance, they can help you acquire the independent research skills necessary for postgraduate courses such as Master’s degrees and PhDs. They can also help you to improve your essay writing and academic writing skills, learn how to use different referencing systems, and even learn specific software such as STATA, SPSS, Posit (formerly RStudio), BNCweb, and more.

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