Can You Get a Tutor for Your Dissertation?

All students are permitted to work with a private tutor when completing their dissertation. Although you will work with an assigned dissertation supervisor at your university, a private tutor can give you more personal, tailored support in the initial stages of your research proposal and throughout the process of writing your dissertation.

If you are struggling to come up with dissertation topic ideas, create a compelling proposal, or with the research or written aspects of your dissertation, it can be a great idea to get support from a private dissertation tutor.

Private tutors can discuss dissertation ideas with you and help to guide you on choosing a dissertation topic. They can also recommend journals, publications and academics to read as part of your research, and help you with writing a dissertation proposal that effectively incorporates your aims and objectives.

Professional tutors can also help you with the research and/or data collection and analysis required for your dissertation, including drawing up suitable methodologies and highlighting ethical considerations. They can also help you develop the academic writing and referencing skills necessary to produce a top-quality dissertation.

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