How To Write an Essay Oxford University

There are many ways to go about writing a good Oxford University essay, but the best university-level essays should have a cohesive and well-structured argument.

Before starting your essay, you should ensure that you have planned your research and taken adequate, original notes. It is very important that you write down information in your own words to ensure that you do not plagiarise.

For most subjects, a good essay will have an introduction, a main body, and a conclusion. Your introduction should give background information on the topic and detail any relevant key ideas and themes. You should also give an indication of what the conclusion of your essay will be, and set out the arguments you will use to come to that conclusion. The main body should be one or more arguments arguing for your conclusion and they should stay focussed on the question at hand whilst demonstrating original thought. You may also want to address any counter arguments and rebut them. The conclusion paragraph should then sum up what you have argued and how it should lead to the main thesis.

For science subjects, clear and concise language should be in Oxford University essays. You should also include experimental evidence in the form of data points and display your interpretation of the results.
References are also very important in Oxford-level essays. It is important to pick a referencing style and stick to it – there are several methods that you can use like The Harvard System or The Chicago System. You should include footnotes and a bibliography with all your citations.

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