Apply to UK Universities

Applying to any university is a new and unfamiliar process for most students.

Whether you’re looking for a clear overview of the key stages in the admissions process, or more detailed support on how to write your personal statement, which additional tests you’ll need to take, and how to prepare for interview, our university guides cover everything you’ll need to maximise your chances of receiving an offer from a leading university.

Here are the items to complete as part of your university application:

  • Register with UCAS
  • Fill out your details
  • Add your education history
  • Add any employment history
  • Select your course choices
  • Register for any admissions tests required by your chosen courses
  • Write your personal statement
  • Submit your application by the deadline
  • Get your reference
  • Take any admissions tests and attend your interview(s)

The Profs’ consultancy team have many years of experience advising students on how to get into some of the most competitive universities, including Oxford and Cambridge. More than 95% of our students get into their first or second-choice university, and our Oxbridge acceptance rate stands at 55% – three times the national average.

Our admissions packages help to guide you through the many stages of the application process for Oxbridge, Medicine, and other highly competitive degree courses which require admissions tests and interviews. Many of our admissions advisors are even ex-admissions officers themselves, meaning they have the inside scoop on what universities are looking for. Get in touch with our team today for more information and support.