Applying to University

If you are applying to study an undergraduate course in the United Kingdom, you will be aware that degree courses are famously competitive.

Applying to university is a simple process, but winning a place requires time investment and knowledge of the application process.

If your GCSE grades are satisfactory, you must revise to meet the requirements for your A levels as well.  You should also write an outstanding personal statement that demonstrates your academic promise, enthusiasm for your chosen course, and strong desire to begin studying the subject at the university level. Some universities and courses may also require you to take an admissions test.

Our tutors have provided over 250,000 hours of private tuition to 10,000 students from 50 countries, ensuring that 97% of those students are admitted to their first or second-choice university. Application rates to top UK universities are high, and competition is fierce; however, with the right support, hard work, and preparation, you can increase your chances of acceptance. The Profs’ admissions experts are here to assist you with key statistics and insider information on how to make your application grab attention.