Can I Get into Uni Without A Levels?

If you don’t have any A Levels, you can still get into university. A Levels and the International Baccalaureate (IB) are not required for several university courses that recognise Access To Higher Education Diplomas (ATHE). It is true that many of the most prestigious universities require applicants to have A Levels or IBs. Still, over 20,000 ATHE students per year receive a diploma and enrol in university programmes across the United Kingdom in a wide range of fields, from Nursing to Law. A BTEC (Business and Technology Education Council) is also a popular alternative to A Levels for many students. Unlike A Levels, the BTEC Level 3 is a vocational qualification that focuses on a specific career path. Many students are also able to gain admission to university because of their work experience. Some work experience is helpful in all applications, but few may be able to get by if their experience is impressive enough alone.