Can I Go to University Without A Levels?

Yes, it is possible to still attain a place at a university without A Levels. Some university courses accept Access To Higher Education Diplomas (ATHE) which can be done in lieu of A Levels or an International Baccalaureate (IB) at any time in life. It is much easier to be offered a place at a university with A Levels or an IB, and many of the very top universities will only accept these qualifications. However, over 20,000 ATHE students achieve a diploma and go on to enrol in university courses across the UK in many subjects ranging from Nursing to Law. Many students also opt to do a Business and Technology Education Council (BTEC) instead of A Levels. The BTEC Level 3 is a vocational qualification designed to be equivalent to A Levels but focuses on preparing you for a particular profession. Lastly, some people manage to get into university based on their professional experience.