Can I Move From One University to Another?

Yes, it is possible to move from one university to another after starting your course. Usually, the earlier in the year, the better. If you’re still in first year and you decide within the first few weeks that your university or course is not for you, you may still be able to get onto the clearing programme. If you are halfway through the year, it may make more sense to get through the year and sit your exams so you have some results to show any prospective university you may want to move to.

The success of your transfer will depend on a few factors. The prospective university must accept transfers, have available spaces, and must have UCAS entry requirements that you can meet.

Even if you do successfully transfer, you may still be liable for some fees at your first university, including accommodation. You may also struggle to find accommodation at your new university that suits your preferences. Our expert admissions advisors can also support you with transfers from one university to another. We’ll look at your options with you, advise you as to the best course of action, and support you with the next steps.