Does Imperial Do Adjustment?

No, Imperial does not do Adjustment as UCAS no longer offers Adjustment as a service as of 2022. Previously, the Adjustment service offered the possibility of keeping your current university place whilst attempting to get into a more preferable university having surpassed your expected grades. It was the opposite of the old Clearing service, which served to match candidates up with university spaces having not met the conditions of their firm or insurance offers. Now, the new Clearing service is for all students who have either not met their offer conditions or have decided to decline their place in hopes of finding something better. Typically, Imperial do not participate in the Clearing process, meaning you will not find their university places available via UCAS. You could, however, contact Imperial directly to see if they will let you in with your confirmed A level grades. Even if your grades meet or even exceed the entry requirements, though, you are not guaranteed a place.