How do I go to University Without A levels?

There are certain routes to studying at university without having taken A levels. One such route is taking an Access To Higher Education Diplomas (ATHE), which some universities recognise in place of A levels. With A levels or a direct equivalent like IB, it is far simpler to be awarded a spot at a university, and most of the very best universities will only take these credentials. However, more than 20,000 ATHE students graduate with a diploma and enrol in university programmes across the UK in a variety of fields, from Classics to Chemistry. Another route is taking a Business and Technology Education Council (BTEC). With a focus on preparing you for a specific profession, the BTEC Level 3 is a vocational qualification meant to be comparable to A Levels, though like the ATHE Diploma, is considered less prestigious. Thirdly, some people are able to enrol in universities based on their professional background so long as their experience is sufficiently demonstrative of academic talent and enthusiasm for their subject area.