How Hard is BMAT Compared to UCAT?

Both the BMAT (Biomedical Admissions Test) and the UCAT (University Clinical Aptitude Test) are generally considered by candidates to be quite hard. Of course, what you find more difficult will depend on your individual strengths. The BMAT has three sections: thinking skills, scientific knowledge and applications, and a writing task. For those who performed well in GCSE and A level sciences, section two shouldn’t be difficult or unpredictable. If you struggle with essay writing, however, the third task will likely be quite challenging. Section one of the BMAT is arguably the hardest to prepare for but for those with naturally strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills, this won’t be too difficult. The majority of the UCAT is comparable to Section one of the BMAT, in that it tests cognitive skills.

Whatever your strengths and aptitudes, the difficult nature of these admissions tests call for additional help. The Profs’ BMAT Tutors and UCAT Tutors can help you prepare for any section of any test and even help with exam strategy and time management. Contact our friendly, helpful team today.

Please note: As of 2024, the BMAT has been discontinued. Universities like Imperial and Cambridge have announced that they are replacing the BMAT with the UCAT! It is expected that more universities will follow suit.