How Many UCAS Points to Get Into Cambridge?

The University of Cambridge does not assess candidates based on their UCAS points but rather requires that students have at least the minimum A level (or equivalent) results for their chosen course. Although colleges at Cambridge will modify their offer based on the nature and circumstances of the applicant, most offers will be A*AA (or equivalent) which equates to 152 UCAS points. This does not mean, however, that 152 UCAS points are required since the same score can be achieved with four B and C grades, which will certainly result in rejection. According to their website, Cambridge typically receives six applications for every place, and the national average acceptance rate for both Oxford and Cambridge is only 18%. To outshine the fierce competition, read The Profs’ Guide to Getting Into Cambridge and consider working with their specialist team of Cambridge Admissions Tutors, a network of experts who can guide you in your A level revision through to your personal statement and then to the final interview.