How to apply for a university

The process of applying for a university is one that most students have never experienced before.

These are the requirements for applying to university.

  • Start a profile on UCAS’s website
  • Supply your basic information
  • Include your academic background
  • Complete your past employment
  • Decide the subject want to take
  • Make sure you sign up for any admissions exams 
  • Create a personal statement
  • Get your application in before the deadline
  • Ask for references 
  • Take your admissions tests and sit your interview(s)
  • The consultants at The Profs have worked with students for many years to help them gain places at highly selective institutions like Oxford and Cambridge. Our admissions rate to Oxbridge is 55%, which is three times the national average, and over 95% of our students are accepted to either their first or second choice university.

    Whether you’re applying to Oxbridge, medical school, or another highly selective programme that requires standardised admissions tests and academic interviews, we can help you prepare form, and ace, each step of the process with our admissions packages. Our admissions counsellors have extensive knowledge of the admissions process because many of them are former admissions officers. For additional details and assistance, please contact our experts right away.