How to Choose a University Course

Choosing the general subject area to study at university – such as History, Chemistry or English – shouldn’t be too difficult. For most, it is some combination of whatever you are most interested in and whatever you performed best at in your GCSEs, A levels, or equivalent qualifications. Choosing a specific university course, however, can be a bit more tricky. You will want to consider:

  • The unique content of the course – can you take classes in your favourite topic areas?
  • Entry requirements – do your results meet the standard? Will you have to do an additional assessment?
  • Is the university right for you? Is it academically and personally what you are looking for?
  • Does it offer placements that you want? Industry experience? Study abroad opportunities?

Does it facilitate your future career path? If you want to become a lawyer, you’ll pick degrees that will allow you to achieve this, for example, a Law LLB, or a Humanities degree followed by a Law conversion course (PGDL).

No matter your preferences, our team of vetted experts at The Profs can guide you through your admissions process – from choosing a course to securing an offer. Our AI smart-match algorithm and our dedicated in-house team will recommend the perfect tutor for your application, depending on the courses and universities you want to apply for.