How to Choose Your University

When choosing a university, you should think about both academic and personal factors. If you’re sure about what subject you want to study, you might want to then look at university league tables like QS or The Complete University Guide. This will tell you which universities are best in your field and how they rank for factors like ‘graduate prospects’. Of course, you should also look for universities that offer the courses which are most interesting to you. Besides academic considerations, you should think about what you want your university experience to be like. Campus universities are easy and comfortable places to go to lectures and meet others, while city universities with buildings spread out over a larger area tend to have longer commutes but could offer a more exciting setting for the next stage of your life. No matter your needs, the expert admissions team at The Profs can help you choose and apply to any university you want. An astounding 97% of our applicants get an offer from either their first or second choice universities.