How to Do Well in BMAT Section One

To do well in section one of the BMAT you will want to practice past paper questions to become familiar with the type of critical thinking and problem solving you will have to do. Practising your mental arithmetic with GCSE-style maths questions will also help with questions that require quick and accurate mental calculations. In section one of the BMAT, you will have to do 32 multiple choice questions in just 60 minutes. This section will test your thinking and aptitude skills, focussing on three main areas: problem-solving, argument comprehension, and analysing data and making inferences.

Section one is often considered the hardest part of the BMAT. To guarantee a competitive score, it is smart to get expert help. The Profs’ team of BMAT Tutors hand-picked from leading UK universities’ biomedical departments can give you what you need. They can help you strengthen your critical thinking skills – teaching you to identify phenomena such as strong and weak arguments, fallacies, assumptions and conclusions. They can also help with your mental arithmetic or any of the skills required for sections two and three.