How to Get Faster at Quantitative Reasoning UCAT?

The best way to get faster at Quantitative Reasoning in the UCAT is to practise example questions. The Quantitative Reasoning section of the UCAT (University Clinical Aptitude Test) examines your ability to apply your mathematical and data interpretation skills to unseen problems. You will be presented with various data sets in various formats, before answering 36 multiple-choice questions within the 24-minute time frame. This section examines your capacity for doing quick and accurate calculations in different contexts. You will be provided with an online calculator so you are not dependent on mental arithmetic. Quantitative Reasoning is usually the highest scoring section of the UCAT because most of the skills are covered in GCSE Maths, but for those who struggle with numeracy, you may want additional support. For expert UCAT guidance and tutoring for any and all sections of the test, contact our specialist team at The Profs. Our UCAT experts have all the best tips and insider knowledge on admissions tests, and years of experience with the UCAT, and can provide guidance with the wider admissions processes.