How to Make My University Application Stand Out

To make your UCAS application stand out, you will need a sparkling personal statement that demonstrates your passion for your subject and reflects your well-rounded personality and proactive nature. Of course, having good GCSEs and AS levels (or their equivalents) helps a lot, and predicted grades will always be central to an outstanding UCAS application. If you need support in getting your A levels and grade predictions up to the standards of your preferred universities, The Profs’ expert A level Tutors are here to help in any subject you need. The personal statement, however, is the section of your application where you can display your unique personality, and it can make a big difference in getting an offer. It’s never too late to start doing more volunteering, getting involved in school activities, and reading more around your subject. Whatever great things you’ve done, our Personal Statement Tutors can help you draw it all together into a winning application and can introduce you to higher-level academic ideas to show off your talent.