How to Prepare for Oxbridge Interview

Though there’s no way of knowing the questions beforehand, preparation is still vital. Oxbridge (Oxford or Cambridge) interview questions are specific to each candidate’s application. The interviewers will be looking for your passion for your chosen course, your motivation to study, and your ability to be proactive and ask the right questions. They’ll be seeing how well you listen and learn from what they say, as well as what you can contribute. Some questions in your interview will ask you to apply your existing academic knowledge and critical thinking skills to new, unseen scenarios. The interviewers will also test you to see if you’ve really read around your subject. Make sure you aren’t caught being dishonest on your personal statement – read everything you’ve said you have read.

Most importantly, practice with an expert. The Profs have their own Oxbridge consultants who have been through the process and are waiting to give you the guidance you need to succeed. Our Oxbridge acceptance rate is 55% — more than three times the national average.