How to Prepare for TMUA

To prepare for the TMUA (The Test of Mathematics for University Admission), you will need to make sure you have brushed up on your GCSE and A level Maths, have familiarised yourself with the structure of the paper and the question styles, and have done some practice papers, preferably in timed, exam conditions. You may also want to read the test specification. The TMUA – particularly paper two – is designed to test your higher-level mathematical thinking, a skill required for higher education maths. Your TMUA score, therefore, presents a great opportunity to make your UCAS application stand out from your peers as someone ready for the next level. For this reason, you will want to prepare as well as possible and that often means working alongside a tutor. The Profs’ specialist TMUA Tutors will inform you of every possible question type, help you identify your weak points and then teach you how to overcome them so that you feel fully confident come assessment day. The Profs also offer a range of admissions test help.