How to Start a Personal Statement – Examples

Here are some examples of openings to personal statements:

  • Philosophy.
    Here the candidate demonstrates their personal closeness to their subject whilst also being humorous:
    I personally feel the need to explore ideas of free will, reevaluate my moral systems and generally attempt to mentally establish my philosophical views with unsettling regularity.
  • Teacher Training.
    The candidate shows their commitment to their course, and their experience already.
    I am one of ten siblings, so you can believe me when I say I know the highs and the lows of working with children and that I am sure I want to do it for a career.
  • Maths.
    The candidate opens with what exactly it is about maths that they love.
    Mathematical logic underlies the functionality of every process from rocket science to the budget of a household. It is this diversity of application that intrigues me and makes me want to study it in depth.