How your UCAT Score is Calculated

The UCAT (University Clinical Aptitude Test) is split into two components for marking – Cognitive and Non-cognitive. The first four sections are the Cognitive part: Verbal Reasoning, Decision Making, Quantitative Reasoning and Abstract Reasoning. The Non-cognitive part is the final section: Situational Judgement. In the Cognitive part, each of the four sections are weighted equally. Your raw marks are converted into scale scores, with each section being scored within a range of 300-900. These are then added up, so your final score for the Cognitive part will be between 1200 and 3600. According to UCAT, the average score is 2499. For the Non-cognitive section, the raw scores for the Situational Judgement test are given as a band between 1 and 4, with 1 being the highest. Most candidates score within bands 2 and 3. To bolster your scores in both parts of the test, reach out to The Profs to be matched up with an expert UCAT Tutor. Our tutors can help identify which sections of the UCAT you need the most help with and prepare you in the most efficient way possible.