Imperial Computing Interview

After sending off your UCAS application along with your A-level predictions, MAT score, and personal statement, you may be invited to an interview as the final stage to pass before receiving an offer to study Computing at Imperial College London. Typically, the interview forms part of a larger ‘recruitment day’ which involves touring the campus, the Computing department, and potentially doing small individual and group tasks. The interview format varies depending on the interviewer and the candidate, but it is likely you will be asked about your personal statement, your specific course choice, why you chose Imperial, and typically two technical maths questions. The interview can be intense, and Imperial recommend you prepare and practise for your interview. Fortunately, The Profs’ team of interview training tutors are experts at coaching their students for the all-important final stage. They can help prepare you for the different question styles, help you form potential answers, and practise with you until you’re confident.