Which is Better: Oxford or Cambridge?

In 2022, according to the QS World University Rankings, the University of Oxford was placed as the second-best in the world, whilst Cambridge was placed as third. Every year, both Oxford and Cambridge are consistently ranked as among the best in the UK and around the world and the differences between them are marginal. Cambridge, however, does tend to boast better rankings than Oxford in Engineering-based subjects and performs slightly better than Oxford across the sciences besides Medicine, Pharmacy, Physiology, Psychology and Sociology. Oxford, however, seems to perform marginally better than Cambridge when it comes to the humanities, such as English, History, Law and Classics. Because of their prestige, both universities are immensely competitive and offers are few and far between. To maximise your chances of success, get in touch with The Profs’ specialist team of Oxbridge admissions consultants. Those that choose to work with us triple their chances of being accepted (55%) compared to the national average (18%).