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Cambridge Engineering Graduate, Teaches Many Types of Engineering From GCSE to Degree Level

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I am currently a PhD student in the Aerodynamics and Flight mechanics group at Southampton University. As an experienced private tutor, I am happy to take on secondary school pupils and undergraduate students of any age and ability.

I leave the topics covered entirely up to the student and can help with homework, revise material covered in the preceding week, prepare for exams, help with university preparation or stretch beyond the curriculum.


I have worked as a private tutor since graduating in 2015 and have accrued several hundred hours of tutoring experience from GCSE up to degree level in numerical and scientific subjects and have extremely high retention rates

I went through GCSEs, A-level and undergrad not so long ago myself and can help with personal statements and university applications as well as help prepare for Oxbridge (and other universities) applications in Engineering and Science.


  • BSc Mechanical Engineering and Aerothermal Engineering - ¬†University of Cambridge 2015
  • MSc Mechanical Engineering and Aerothermal Engineering - University of Cambridge 2018
  • (currently studying) PhD Aerodynamic and Flight Mechanics - Southampton University

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