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Medicine Tutor at Oxford with First-Class Honours Oxford BA in Medical Sciences and top 1% UCAT ranking.


Alexandra is a dedicated Medicine Tutor at Oxford University and a 5th-year medical student there with an impeccible academic record, including a First-Class Honours BA in Medical Sciences from Oxford. Ranked in the top 1% for UCAT, Alexandra brings a wealth of experience in guiding students through the rigorous medical school admissions process. Her expertise extends to setting/marking essays, delivering tutorials, and providing comprehensive UCAT crash courses as well as producing model answers for the BMAT exam. Alexandra’s experience tutoring peers at Oxford taught her that there's no one-size-fits-all approach to securing a place in medical school, so she customises tutoring plans to meet each student's specific needs. With a publication in the Lifestyle Medicine Journal, expertise in setting and marking essays, delivering tutorials, and extensive experience supporting students applying to both Oxbridge and non-Oxbridge medical schools, Alexandra has a deep understanding of what admissions committees are looking for.


I have experience as a tutor for pre-clinical medicine at Worcester College, Oxford, which involves setting/marking essays and delivering tutorials. This experience has offered much insight into the attributes sought by Oxford Medical School, as well as the skills assessed at interview. I have plenty of experience supporting students who are applying to Oxbridge and Non-Oxbridge medical schools as a private tutor and as a mentor for various outreach schemes. I have also delivered multiple UCAT crash courses for larger groups of students and produced model answers for the BMAT exam.


  • First Class Honours BA in Medical Sciences (University of Oxford)
  • 3A* A Levels (maths, chemistry, biology)
  • 10A* GCSEs


Personal StatementA LevelUndergraduateProfessional Qualification
Interview TrainingA LevelUndergraduateLecturerProfessional Qualification
BiologyA Level
Medical School AdmissionsA LevelUndergraduateProfessional Qualification
BMATA LevelProfessional Qualification
UCATA LevelProfessional Qualification