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Cambridge and UCL graduate specialising in English, Creative Writing and Philosophy tuition


Benjamin is a specialist English Literature and admissions tutor. He has a Bachelor’s degree in English from the University of Cambridge and a Master’s in English from UCL, and is currently studying a PhD in English at the University of Cambridge. Benjamin not only specialises in English Literature, Creative Writing and Philosophy tuition at all levels, but also entrance test preparation and university admissions support. He has successfully prepared students for the SAT/ACT as well as admissions tests, personal statements and interviews at top universities, including Oxbridge.


University College London (University of London)

University of Cambridge

Ilford County High School


I have privately tutored since my undergraduate years, gaining thousands of hours of experience as a teacher. I have taught for prestigious education companies in Japan, Hong Kong, and the UK, helping students with (I)GCSEs; A-levels (and equivalents); pre-university qualifications; university, particularly Oxbridge, admissions, including preparation for personal statements, admissions assessments, and interviews; undergraduate work in English; and admissions to various boarding schools, from the 11+ to the 16+.


    BA Hons English, University of Cambridge MA English, UCL - distinction PhD Englisih, University of Cambridge (currently studying)


Academic WritingA LevelUndergraduateGCSEInternational BaccalaureateKey Stage 3
Dissertation HelpA LevelUndergraduate
Personal StatementA LevelGCSE
MathematicsGCSEKey Stage 3
Interview TrainingA LevelGCSE
Cambridge ApplicationsA LevelGCSEInternational Baccalaureate
English Language and LiteratureA LevelUndergraduateGCSEKey Stage 3
English LanguageA LevelGCSEKey Stage 3
English LiteratureA LevelUndergraduateGCSEInternational BaccalaureateKey Stage 3
English as a foreign LanguageA Level
11+ (general)Key Stage 3
NumeracyKey Stage 3
Common Entrance (general)Key Stage 3
SAT (College Admission Exam)A LevelGCSEInternational BaccalaureateKey Stage 3
Academic AppraisalA LevelGCSEInternational BaccalaureateKey Stage 3
ACT (American College Admissions)A LevelGCSEInternational Baccalaureate