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Over 2,000 Hours Experience Teaching at Undergraduate Through to PhD level. MSc in Finance, BSc in Physics from Imperial College London.

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  • Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine

I have been teaching for more than 10 years, working exclusively with The Profs for the last 5. I teach finance, statistics, econometrics, and a broad range of other topics from applied mathematics and statistics up to PhD level. I have an extensive familiarity with the undergraduate and postgraduate syllabuses of many UK institutions, including LSE, Durham, Bristol, UCL and Warwick.

An early and enthusiastic adopter of online teaching methods, I pioneered their use at The Profs. I now teach more or less exclusively online, believing this to be the superior teaching solution in most cases. Before teaching I worked in data analytics, and still enjoy doing some freelance data science in my spare time, using many of the same ideas I teach my students.


I worked at a top London university between 2008 and 2011, where I taught a range of group tutorials, small seminars and lecturers in Risk Management and Financial Engineering. Since that time I have worked full-time as tutor at undergraduate through to PhD level. My teaching interests have broadened with time, from mathematical finance to a broad range of applied mathematical and statistical subjects. Among them are included:

Mathematical finance - Ito calculus, Black Scholes theory, option pricing.

Differential equations - theory and methods of solution, both analytical and numerical.

Maximum Likelihood Estimators (MLE) - theory and applications

Generalised Method of Moments (GMM) estimators, particularly of the dynamic panel variety - diff GMM, sys GMM and so on

Numerical optimisation - linear and nonlinear programming, hill climbing algorithms etc

Data Science and Machine Learning - classification algorithms, theory and implementation.

I also have extensive experience consulting on data-driven projects conducted in Stata, R, Matlab and Python, working to implement these ideas among many others.


  • MSc Finance - Imperial College Business School 2009
  • BSc Physics with Theoretical Physics - Imperial College London 2006

Awards & Achievements

    Awarded 'Online tutor of the year' at The Profs' annual tutor awards, 2019