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Highly experienced Mathematics, Statistics and admissions test tutor with a PhD from the University of Sheffield


Dr Arjun has been a full-time tutor for more than a decade. He has a Master’s in Mathematics from the University of Bath and completed his PhD at the University of Sheffield. Dr Arjun has successfully supported students with preparation for admissions tests including the SAT, GMAT and GRE, as well as on Mathematics and Statistics courses at top universities, including LSE, King’s College London, and Oxford. In addition to being an expert in his subject, Dr Arjun encourages students to find their own interests and equips them with the tools to enhance their own knowledge and self-confidence throughout their education.


University of Bath

University of Sheffield


I have been a full time private tutor since 2011 and a university tutor since 2006. I have considerable experience with a range of specific courses such as MA100 and ST100 at LSE. As well as PDEs, complex analysis, graph theory, differential geometry at Kings. In terms of Oxford courses I am experienced in representation theory and topology, financial mathematics and complex analysis.

I successfully supported several SAT, GMAT, and GRE clients with their quantitative preparation. I took both the GMAT and GRE exams myself and scored 760 on the GMAT with full marks on the quantitative section, and 1550 on the GRE (old format, 800 on quantitative, 750 verbal).


  • PhD Mathematics - University of Sheffield 2011
  • MMath - University of Bath 2011 (1st)


AdmissionsA LevelUndergraduatePhDMaster's
MathematicsA LevelUndergraduatePhDMaster'sGCSEKey Stage 3
StatisticsUndergraduateMaster'sProfessional Qualification
GMATA LevelMaster'sProfessional Qualification
GREA LevelMaster'sProfessional Qualification