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Highly experienced Engineering, Maths and Science tutor with a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Imperial College London


Dr Chin is a full-time Engineering, Maths and Science tutor. He has a Master’s and PhD in Chemical Engineering from Imperial College London and has studied and taught in the UK for more than 15 years. Dr Chin has successfully supported junior PhD and Master’s students with research, exams, theses and more, as well as tutoring school-level students in Maths and Science subjects. He is also an excellent communicator and mentor to his students, offering advice and guidance based on his experience and track record of success.


Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine


I had previously been giving tutorial to junior PhD, MSc students in terms of coaching, provide guidance on how their research should progress. I have helped them to understand the required fundamentals, and make sure they have the confidence to carry out their research independently.

I've marked undergraduates coursework, and also provide office hours to undergraduate students. Additionally, I've given maths and science tuition to GCSE students and A-level students during my undergraduate years as a part-time job.


  • MEng Chemical Engineering - Imperial College (1st)
  • PhD Chemical Engineering - Imperial College


MentoringA LevelUndergraduatePhDMaster'sGCSEProfessional Qualification
MathematicsA LevelUndergraduateGCSE
StatisticsA LevelUndergraduateGCSE
Further MathsA Level
General EngineeringA LevelUndergraduatePhDMaster'sGCSEProfessional Qualification
PhysicsA LevelGCSE
Chemical EngineeringA LevelUndergraduatePhDMaster'sGCSEProfessional Qualification
ChemistryA LevelUndergraduateGCSE
ChineseA LevelGCSE
ConsultancyUndergraduatePhDMaster'sGCSEProfessional Qualification
Interview TrainingUndergraduatePhDMaster'sProfessional Qualification