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PhD in Aeronautics from Imperial College London and a Formula One Stress Engineer.

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I'm a mechanical engineer, with a PhD in Aeronautics from Imperial College London, and MSc in MechEng, currently working as a Stress Engineer in a F1 team.

I like having a proactive approach to tutoring, I enjoy preparing extra material ahead of the lectures, and I'm always easy to reach by email/phone for any doubts or clarifications.


Previously, I worked as a Teaching Assistant at Imperial College London (UK) and at Georgia Institute of Technology (USA).

I have 5+ years of experience teaching Undergraduate/Master's level engineering subjects, such as Physics, Solid and Structures Mechanics, Materials Science, Dynamic Analysis and Vibration, Fracture Mechanics, Composites, Finite Element Analysis (Nastran, Abaqus) etc. I also have experience teaching programming in Python and Matlab.


    PhD in Aeronautical Engineering - Imperial College London 2018 MSc in Mechanical Engineering - Polytechnic Institute of Turin 2014 BSc in Mechanical Engineering - University of Rome La Sapienza 2012