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Mathematics, Physics and Data Science tutor with a Master’s in Astrophysics and a PhD in Mathematics


Dr Paul is a professional tutor with over 15 years’ experience. He has a Master’s in Astrophysics from Queen Mary University and a PhD in Mathematics from the University of New South Wales, and has 8 years’ experience in industry working at an investment bank. Dr Paul specialises in quantitative subjects, including Mathematics, Statistics, Econometrics, Physics, Data Science, and Programming, at levels ranging from A-level to PhD. He has supported students at top universities in the UK and around the world, including Oxbridge, LSE, Imperial, Harvard, Cornell, and Macquarie.


Queen Mary, University of London (University of London)


As an undergraduate I ran my own tutoring business where I began tutoring high school mathematics, physics and chemistry. As a fourth year undergraduate I tutored first year calculus and was a demonstrator in the physics laboratory.

During my graduate studies I tutored first and second year undergraduates where I tutored calculus, linear algebra, engineering mathematics.

As a private tutor I taught mathematics (pure, applied, engineering etc), statistics (including actuarial), econometrics, physics, finance, machine learning and data science as well as a variety of other topics such as micro and macro economics. I have also tutored programming in python, C++, as well as a variety of statistical packages such as R, Stata, EViews etc.


  • BSc Applied Mathematics and BSc Applied Physics - University of Central Queensland 1994 (distinction)
  • PhD Mathematics - University of New South Wales 2000
  • MSc Astrophysics - Queen Mary University 2013 (distinction)


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Machine LearningUndergraduate