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Experienced Physics and Maths tutor, MSci and PhD in Physics from Imperial College London

Dr Sian
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  • Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine

As a qualified science teacher with a PhD in Atmospheric Physics from Imperial College, I have experience tutoring a range of students, from Year 5 students preparing for the 11+ exams right through to postgraduate students who need some support with their research.

I have taught science at schools in London and was graded Outstanding in my PGCE.


Prior to starting my PhD I worked as a secondary school science teacher in London, and I have maintained my passion for education throughout my time as a research scientist. I have designed and led undergraduate courses for students on the topics of communicating science and energy and climate change as well as tutoring Maths and Science students .

In tutorials I take the approach of breaking down problems, building on your existing knowledge and making sure that you know how to answer questions to get the maximum marks from examiners. I aim to make my students feel as engaged, supported and interested as possible - I understand first-hand how daunting the feeling of being left-behind can be.

My previous students have gone on to study Physics and Mathematics at some of the best institutions in the country, including Oxbridge and Bristol, some from a starting point of getting Ds and Es.

Students I have supported with postgraduate work have also had very successful projects awarded high marks. I have particular experience in supporting postgraduate students with data analysis using R, Matlab and Python as well as focusing research questions and support with dissertations.


  • PhD in Atmospheric Physics (Imperial College London)
  • MSci in Physics (Imperial College London & EPFL, Switzerland)
  • PGCE in Secondary Science Education (King's College London)

Awards & Achievements

  • Rector's Award for Science Communication (Imperial College London)
  • Institute of Physics Environment Group Prize
  • Imperial College London Physics Symposium Prize