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As Lead Demonstrator in Anatomical Sciences, I deliver online synchronous and on-site F2F topographical anatomy teaching sessions to:

Graduate Medical Students (MBBS4) Year 1:

- Foundations of Clinical Science [Introduction to Anatomy and Vascular System]

- Life Support [Cardiovascular & Respiratory Systems]

- Life Maintenance [Gastrointestinal and Genitourinary Systems]

Undergraduate Medical Students (MBBS5) Year 1:

- Introduction to Anatomy [Introduction to Body Systems]

- Life Support [Cardiovascular & Respiratory Systems]

- Life Maintenance [Gastrointestinal and Genitourinary Systems]

Undergraduate Medical Students MBBS 5 Year 2:

- Life Control [Nervous System]

- Life Cycle [Reproductive System]

- Life Structure [Musculoskeletal System]

Undergraduate BSc (Hons) Diagnostic Radiography, BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy and BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy Year 1 students:

- Essentials for Allied Health Professionals (EAHP) module

- Scientific Basis of Healthcare Science

- Scientific Basis of Cardiovascular, Respiratory and Sleep Science

Undergraduate BMS Biomedical Sciences Year 3:

- Clinical Anatomy [Thorax & Abdomen & Head & Neck, Pelvis, Neuroanatomy, Musculoskeletal System]

- Images of Anatomy [Thorax, Abdomen, Head & Neck & Pelvis]

Graduate PA Physician Associate Year 1:

- Foundations in Clinical Medicine [Thorax & Abdomen & Head & Neck, Pelvis, Neuroanatomy, Musculoskeletal System]

• Anatomy Module Lead for the Essentials for Allied Health Professionals (EAHP) module which is shared across the BSc (Hons) Diagnostic Radiography, BSc (Hons) Occupational Therapy and BSc (Hons) Physiotherapy study cohorts.

• I am responsible for re-designing the online and on-site student activities on Canvas as well as preparing and designing the online activities that students need to perform during the online sessions on Teams.

• I am responsible for leasing with the academic lead of each module and leading and directing the anatomy demonstrators and clinical demonstrators before and during the online and on-site sessions.

• Preparation and delivery of a pre-recorded lecture to introduce all students from the graduate and undergraduate medical, undergraduate biomedical, physician associate and allied health cohorts to the subject of Anatomy, the anatomical terminology, head and neck & thorac regions.

• Preparation and delivery of pre-recorded lectures on the head and neck anatomy to third year biomedical sciences students.

As an Anatomy Demonstrator at University College Dubin I delivered Dissection-based Laboratory Practicals [On Campus] to:

Medical Students (MB BCh Bao) Year 1:

- ANAT 20120 Human Form [Fall Semester]

- MDSA20180 Cardiac Biology [Spring Semester]

- MDSA20170 Vascular Biology [Spring Semester]

Graduate Entry Medicine (GEM) students Year 1:

- ANAT 20080 Musculoskeletal Biology [Fall Semester]

- ANAT 20070 Anatomy of the Thorax and Associated Structures [Spring Semester]

Radiography Students Year 1:

- ANAT 10110 Clinical Human Anatomy II [Spring Semester]

As an Anatomy Demonstrator at the University of Birmingham, I have taught anatomy in small and large group teaching settings and have also delivered prosectorium-based laboratory practicals. I have predominantly taught anatomy to pre-clinical medical and dental students. I have delivered systemic and regional gross anatomy, neuroanatomy, and histology teaching to Year 1 medical students for the following modules:

- Molecules to Man

- Cellular Communication, Endocrinology and Pharmacology

- Neurons and Synapses

- Muscle, Joint and Movement

- Introduction to Respiratory Medicine

- Digestive System

- Regional Anatomy 1

Modules taught to Year 2 Medical Students:

- Cardiovascular System

- Infection, Immunology and Hematology

- Renal System

- Brain and Behavior

- Reproduction, Endocrinology and Development

- Cancer

- Regional Anatomy 2

Year 1 Dentistry Students:

- Cardiovascular and Respiratory Systems

- Digestive, Renal and Endocrine Systems

Year 2 Dental Students:

- Cranio-Facial Biology

Year 1 BSc Biomedical Sciences Students:

- Foundations of Life Sciences

- Foundations of Neuroscience

Year 2 BSc Biomedical Sciences Students:

- Neuroscience, Endocrinology and Reproduction

Year 1 and 2 Pharmacy Students:

- Health, Disease and Therapeutics 1.1 and 2.1

Tutoring Experience:

I am currently a personal tutor to 5 undergraduate Year 1 biomedical students (St George's University of London). I hold individual and group meetings with tutees at the end of each month, evaluate students’ academic progress and provision of pastoral support.

I have been a tutor to 6 pre-clinical medical students (3 first year and 3 second year medical students) at the University of Birmingham. I have been responsible for holding individual and group meetings with my tutees at the middle and end of each month. During those meetings I have been discussing with my tutees their academic progress and potential struggles they may had. I have also been informing tutees about potential career and professional development opportunities as well.

Mentoring Experience:

I have been a mentor for the Beacon Professional Recognition Scheme and I have been mentoring three of my former colleagues at the University of Birmingham. I have been holding online meetings with them and I provided them with support as they were working through their applications toward achieving the associate fellowship or fellowship of the higher education academy.

Since 2020, I have been mentoring one female undergraduate student enrolled in a BSc-Biological Sciences degree at the

University of Edinburgh, as part of a mentorship scheme of the Women in STEM Society. I have been holding Skype meetings once a month to help the mentee become aware of potential internships, career opportunities and helping them with how they could approach their written assignments and dissertation as well.


    I have obtained a BSc in Biological Sciences (Study Abroad)
  • from Lancaster University. I spent my second year of my undergraduate degree at the University of Colorado Boulder where I majored in Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology in the fall semester and Integrative Physiology in the spring semester. After graduating from Lancaster University, I went on to pursue a master's degree in Human Anatomy* from the University of Edinburgh. During my time as an Anatomy Demonstrator at the University of Birmingham I have achieved the Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy. I have recently completed the medical traineeship postgraduate scholarship* in Anatomy I was awarded by the University College Dublin. I am currently undertaking a postgraduate certificate in Biomedical Healthcare Education at St. George's University of London.


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