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First-class HSPS Cambridge graduate with over five years of tutoring experience.


Fabiola is a top-tier tutor, holding a BA (Hons) in Human, Social, and Political Sciences (HSPS) from the University of Cambridge with a specialisation in Politics and International Relations. She achieved 1:1, ranking in the top 10 percentile for Part I and Part IIA. With over 5 years of tutoring experience, Fabiola offers sessions in Economics, History, Math, Italian, Sociology, Politics, and Environmental Studies both online and in-person. She also holds a TEFL certification. Fabiola's expertise extends to guiding students in their university applications (with a specialism in personal statements and international applications), supporting undergraduates in their humanities dissertations and helping aspiring Commercial Law professionals during their application processes to prestigious law firms. She has received the College Prize for Essay in Politics and the Academic Prize, and previously won the Young European Journalist award. Fabiola has been a project leader for the STEM SMART Project for two consecutive years at Cambridge, where she’s supported students from all backgrounds in their university applications at Oxbridge in a variety of disciplines.


With over five years of teaching experience, my passion for education and mentorship has been evident through various roles that have enriched my pedagogical skills and nurtured diverse academic interests.

One of my notable involvements was in the STEM SMART project, where I provided comprehensive support to students aspiring to pursue Oxbridge applications across an array of subjects, ranging from humanities to STEM disciplines.

As a private tutor, I had the privilege of imparting knowledge and fostering critical thinking in the fields of Sociology, Politics, Economics, Environmental Studies, and Italian language. This diverse tutoring experience honed my adaptability as an educator, ensuring that I catered to distinct learning styles and helped students excel in their chosen areas of study. Moreover, having a TEFL qualification enabled me to teach English as a Foreign Language, facilitating effective cross-cultural communication and language acquisition.

Furthermore, I have had the opportunity to assist undergraduate students in their dissertations (Humanities Subjects), providing valuable guidance and support throughout the research and writing process.

Another significant aspect of my teaching journey involved providing guidance to students seeking to pursue a career in Commercial Law. I offered support in their application processes to various prestigious law firms, navigating them through the intricate requirements and preparing them for success in this competitive field.


    UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE (Magdalene College)
  • BA (HONS): Politics and International Relations
  • Achieved a 1:1 ranking in the top 10 percentile – Part I and Part IIA
  • College Prize for Essay in Politics and Academic Prize for Merit – Part I and Part IIA
  • International Baccalaureate: 43/45
  • Economics HL – 7/7, History HL – 7/7, Italian HL – 7/7, English HL – 7/7, Math SL – 7/7, Environmental Studies – 6/7
  • TEFL Certification


EconomicsInternational Baccalaureate
SociologyA Level
Government and politicsA LevelGCSE
PoliticsA LevelGCSE
English as a foreign LanguageProfessional Qualification
HistoryInternational Baccalaureate