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Postdoctorate Psychology and Language Sciences researcher with international tutoring experience


Holly is a specialist Psychology, Neuroscience and Linguistics tutor with first-class Master’s and PhD degrees from UCL. She also has a first-class Bachelor’s in Linguistics and Mandarin and has taught Mandarin at Lancaster University and in Beijing, China. Her PhD focused on the Psychology and Neuroscience of how pre-speech infants focus language in the brain. Holly is currently a researcher and lecturer at a top global university.


University College London (University of London)


I have tutored for several years. I was an A level tutor at Greenehad college while a student there; I recieved the highest A level marks for this subject in the country. I have been invited back to Greenhead several times and given lectures/private tuition on advanced grammar and child language acquisition. At Lancaster University I tutored English to native speakers of Mandarin Chinese, I also did this in Beijing China. Since moving to London in 2016, I was tutoring a range of subjects, focusing on English Language, Linguistics and Psychology. I have taught undergraduate courses at University College London. I have supervised and marked undergrad and masters assignments and dissertations for the past 5 years.

I think I am able understand student's specific needs in order to explain things in a way that they can comprehend. I absolutely love seeing someone's face light up when they finally grasp something that they have been struggling with!


    UCL Masters and PhD BAHons (first class) linguistics and mandarin Lancaster University


PsychologyA LevelUndergraduatePhDGCSEProfessional QualificationCommon EntranceKey Stage 3
English LanguageA LevelUndergraduatePhDGCSELecturerProfessional QualificationCommon EntranceKey Stage 3
English LiteratureA LevelGCSE
NeuroscienceA LevelUndergraduatePhDGCSE
LinguisticsA LevelUndergraduatePhDGCSELecturerProfessional QualificationInternational BaccalaureateCommon Entrance
CounsellingA LevelUndergraduateGCSE