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Enthusiastic, approachable and highly qualified Earth Science Lecturer with a PhD in Geoscience with Biology (Newcastle University) and a First Class Research Masters Degree in Geology (University of Liverpool).

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I am an enthusiastic, approachable and highly qualified University Lecturer in Earth Science (Edge Hill University), with a PhD in Geoscience with Environmental Science (Newcastle University) and a 1st Class Research Masters Degree in Geology (University of Liverpool). I have experience in academia (lecturer) and in industry (oil and gas rigs) and I have given lectures internationally, winning numerous awards for communication. Although I have a lot of experience, I have not lost sight of the challenges that face students as they use my tutorials to learn and develop their own knowledge base.

Originally from Wirral, I developed a keen interest in Natural Science from an early age. I have always been passionate about science and I sympathise with students who learn best on a one-to-one basis because I was once in the same boat. I also understand how different students prefer specific learning styles and I work hard to incorporate these qualities into my tutorials.

I know the importance of tailoring every session to match each student's specific objectives, whether it be grade-driven, university exam preparation, general foundation or out of interest. Through my online tutorials, we will push the boundaries of online learning, through practical lessons, web-based field courses and other innovative activities. I also run more traditional, taught learning style lecture courses. Each are optional and tailored to the individual's preferences. I can help with anything from GCSEs to A-levels to undergraduate and post-graduate degrees. I have personally been through each stage myself and I know each grading system well.

Together, we can meet our goals and succeed.


I am an experienced science (Geology, Environmental Science and Biology) online tutor.

I have attained teaching and demonstrating certificates from the Newcastle University, demonstrating my aptitude for teaching on field excursions, laboratory sessions and one to one tutorials and discussion lessons.

I have spoken to crowds of over 1500 people at the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Hall as an award for excellence in public speaking and science communication. For my national and international presentations, I have attained awards for communication.


    I have a PhD in Geology and Environmental Science from Newcastle University and a First Class Research Masters Degree (with Honours) from the University of Liverpool. My PhD was funded by the British Geological Survey as well as an assortment of major oil and gas companies through the NERC Centre for Doctoral Training. Through these funding institutions, I was provided with 20 weeks of training, including subjects that ranged from Geoenvironmental Studies to Renewables to Oil and Gas Resources to Geohazards.

Awards & Achievements

    - University Lecturer in Earth Science (Edge Hill University) - PhD in Earth and Environmental Science - Graduate Student Speaker – Speaking to 1600 people in the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Hall at graduation, awarded for excellence in public speaking. - Proven teamwork and onshore well-site, lab, fieldwork and office experience. - 20 weeks of business training from the highly competitive “NERC Doctoral Training” industry-funded PhD programme (signed transcript available upon request). - Invited Speaker, Utah – American Association Petroleum Geologists. - Experience working on an oil and gas rig, sharing and providing knowledge and experience as a scientist. - Invited speaker to many geoscience based industries (e.g. CGG, Badley Ashton, Cuadrilla).