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Experienced tutor and PhD student specialising in Biochemistry and Oncology at UCL


Jack is a PhD student, specialising in Biochemistry and Oncology at UCL, and an experienced tutor. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from the University of Nottingham and a Master’s in Molecular and Cellular Biology from Imperial College London. During his Master’s and PhD, Jack has provided subject tutoring and dissertation support to both undergraduate and Master’s students, all of whom have achieved excellent results. He also has experience tutoring A-level Biology and Chemistry on the major examination boards.


Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine

University College London (University of London)

University of Nottingham


In the past year I have taught a four A level biology students and two A level Chemistry students as well as providing tutoring for two higher education students with dissertation support.

During my PhD and Masters of Research, I have taught both undergraduate and masters students. They were typically taught in a laboratory setting to demonstrate techniques and explain fundamental principles. One of my Masters students managed to obtain a Distinction award for her laboratory work and thesis writing and is now applying to the PhD programme herself.


  • Distinction in Masters of Research Distinction from Imperial College London (2018-2019)
  • 2.1 in Bachelor of Science from University of Nottingham (2014-2018)
  • 1 A, 2 B's in A Levels (2012-2014)


Academic WritingA LevelUndergraduateMaster'sGCSE
Dissertation HelpA LevelUndergraduatePhDMaster'sGCSE
Personal StatementA LevelUndergraduateMaster'sGCSEKey Stage 3
Study SkillsA LevelUndergraduateMaster'sGCSECommon EntranceKey Stage 3
PhysicsGCSECommon Entrance
ChemistryA LevelUndergraduateGCSEKey Stage 3
SPSSA LevelUndergraduateGCSE
Design & TechnologyA LevelUndergraduateCommon Entrance
Science and TechnologyA LevelUndergraduateGCSECommon Entrance
General ScienceA LevelGCSE
AnatomyA LevelUndergraduatePhDMaster'sGCSECommon EntranceKey Stage 3
BiologyA LevelUndergraduatePhDMaster'sGCSEKey Stage 3
Molecular and Cellular BiologyUndergraduateMaster'sGCSE
BiotechnologyA Level
NeuroscienceA Level
ACCAA LevelUndergraduatePhDMaster'sGCSECommon EntranceKey Stage 3
BiochemistryA LevelUndergraduatePhDGCSECommon EntranceKey Stage 3
MicrobiologyA LevelUndergraduateGCSEKey Stage 3
HATA LevelUndergraduateGCSECommon EntranceKey Stage 3
BioinformaticsA LevelUndergraduateMaster'sGCSEKey Stage 3