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A teaching fellow and qualified teacher with a PhD in Pure Mathematics from Leeds


Lovkush has been a tutor for more than half a decade. He has a Master’s in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge (with distinction) and a PhD in Pure Mathematics from The University of Leeds. He is also a teaching fellow at the University of Leicester and has been nominated for two years running for the ‘Best Lecturer’ title in the University of Leicester Students’ Union Superstar Awards. Lovkusch has successfully supported students to achieve their academic goals at a variety of levels: sixth form, undergraduate and Master’s. In addition to being an expert in his subject, Lovkusch is an advanced user of Numbas, an online assessment system designed for mathematical subjects, which gives students unlimited practice on core mathematical skills.


University of Cambridge

University of Leeds


I am a Teaching Fellow at the University of Leicester, teaching mathematics to Foundation Year students. In addition to that, I have been doing online private tuition for over five years, and have helped over 30 students achieve their goals at a variety of levels: sixth form, undergraduate (first, second and third year) and masters students.

There are three main ways that I help my students. The first is that I focus on developing a genuine understanding of the concepts from which one can construct an answer for themselves, as opposed to learning procedures by rote.

The second is that I make use of the online assessment tool Numbas, which allows a student to have unlimited practice on the core mathematical skills.

The third is that I am a quick learner and thus am able to teach topics I never knew before. A key example of this is a previous student I helped via TheProfs. They were a Masters Economics student at the University of Warwick and needed help with their statistics module. Using the lecture notes and examples they provided, I digested the material in a few days and then presented it to them in a way they could understand. The result was that they comfortably passed their exams, which they were otherwise on track to failing.


  • MMath, The University of Cambridge.
  • PhD in Pure Mathematics, The University of Leeds.


MathematicsA LevelUndergraduateInternational Baccalaureate