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Retired Senior Lecturer in Restorative Dentistry, With MA and EdD in Education Studies.

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  • University of Birmingham
  • Cardiff University
  • University of Newcastle

I qualified as a dentist a long time ago.

I began my love affair with teaching while doing a spell as a charity worker in a developing country, beginning in 1985. I enjoyed it so much that, once back in the UK, I took up a post teaching dental therapist and dental hygienists in Cardiff, where I remained for 20 years, retiring in 2017

During those 20 years, my love of teaching led me to undertake a masters degree and a doctorate in education, so I could learn a bit about the processes of teaching and learning. I made use of this knowledge and also gave back to the dental community by spending a few years as the external examiner on a PGCert programme for clinicians (Doctors, Dentists, Nurses etc) who wanted to further their own knowledge of teaching and learning. I also contributed by spending 6 years as an inspector for the General Dental Council, helping to ensure that dental therapy and hygiene programmes around the UK were of a high standard.

One of the privileges of being a teacher is to watch students develop their knowledge and skills and I have enjoyed observing and contributing to that development throughout my career. I keep in touch with a number of my ex-students via facebook, and am very proud to see how many of them have gone on to fulfilling careers. In fact, several of them are now teaching on the Cardiff dental hygiene and therapy programmes themselves.

Once I retired in 2017, I found that I missed teaching, and so joined the Profs to offer my expertise in teaching, dentistry and biological sciences. I offer private tuition in A level biology, help undergraduate students with writing skills for final year dissertations and provide writing support for the occasional student undertaking a masters degree.


Since retiring from Dentistry teaching, I have enjoyed offering private tutoring services, mainly to those taking A level biology, but also a few students in dentistry. I have helped a first year Dental student prepare for an unexpected examination in this year of covid-19 and online university courses. I have recently supported a Dentist through a Masters dissertation in Oral Surgery, although we are still waiting to hear the result of this. Of the A level students that I have been tutoring over the past academic year, one has gained an A*, another has transformed an E grade into an A grade. Others were in their first A level year, have had predicted grades likewise transformed to A, and will be continuing with me through this coming year.


    BDS Newcastle University MA Education EdD Education Fellow of the Higher Education Academy