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Chartered Certified Accountant and a Top-Rated Business and Finance Tutor.

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An experienced chartered accountant with a "Big Four" background and a top-class MBA, I have a wealth of professional experience, having worked with businesses ranging from start-ups to multinationals, across a wide range of sectors.

I am based in Granada, Spain and mainly teach online. I am currently completing my PhD at the University of Granada, investigating the use of advanced quantitative methods to measure the impact of corporate governance on company performance.


I've been a tutor since January 2018, and I'm equally at home supporting students with professional qualifications (such as ACA, ACCA and CIMA), or university studies in the fields of accountancy, finance, business and management. Alongside extensive knowledge of my subject areas, I bring large doses of preparation, patience and enthusiasm to every class.

I've worked with a range of students during my time at The Profs. Many of my professional students are under significant pressure to achieve results. Some are new to accountancy and need a supportive tutor to help them adapt to the pace of professional exams. Others have been threatened with dismissal due to poor exam performance and need an effective tutor to help turn things around. University students, meanwhile, might seek support to break down a complex assignment or dissertation into manageable chunks. I love supporting students through challenging periods of their studies and sharing their satisfaction when they achieve their goals.

I have extensive experience supporting students who speak English as a second language. I have also worked with a number of dyslexic students.

Prior to becoming a tutor, I acquired a range of teaching experience in a professional context including graduate training, course development and delivery, and creation of e-learning modules.


  • LLB Hons Law - University of Birmingham 2003 (2.1)
  • MBA - University of Manchester 2009 (distinction)
  • Chartered Certified Accountant (ACCA) 2015
FinanceUndergraduateProfessional Qualification
Business ManagementUndergraduateProfessional Qualification
Business StudiesUndergraduateProfessional Qualification
ACAProfessional Qualification
AccountingUndergraduateProfessional Qualification
ACA Advanced Corporate ReportingProfessional Qualification
ACA Advanced Strategic Business ManagementProfessional Qualification
ACA CFAB AccountingProfessional Qualification
ACA CFAB AssuranceProfessional Qualification
ACA CFAB Business and FinanceProfessional Qualification
ACA CFAB LawProfessional Qualification
ACA CFAB Management InformationProfessional Qualification
ACA CFAB Principles of TaxationProfessional Qualification
ACA Professional Audit and AssuranceProfessional Qualification
ACA Professional Financial Accounting & ReportingProfessional Qualification
ACA Professional Financial ManagementProfessional Qualification
ACCAProfessional Qualification
ACCA F1 Accountant in BusinessProfessional Qualification
ACCA F2 Management AccountingProfessional Qualification
ACCA F3 Financial AccountingProfessional Qualification
ACCA F4 Corporate and Business LawProfessional Qualification
ACCA F5 Performance ManagementProfessional Qualification
ACCA F7 Financial ReportingProfessional Qualification
ACCA F8 Audit and AssuranceProfessional Qualification
ACCA F9 Financial ManagementProfessional Qualification
ACCA P1 Governance, Risk and EthicsProfessional Qualification
ACCA P2 Corporate ReportingProfessional Qualification
ACCA P3 Business AnalysisProfessional Qualification
ACCA P5 Advanced Performance ManagementProfessional Qualification