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Over 90% of our postgraduate applicants receive an offer from their first or second choice universities.

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A Track Record of Success

Our education consulting team works with students for university admissions at all levels.

We have a proven track record of success with over 90% of our students obtaining offers from their first or second choice universities.

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Our Top UCL Applications consultants

Dr Don
Dr Don

Over 12 Years’ Experience as a Full-time Tutor, PhD in Philosophy of Maths, BA and MA Mathematics from University of Cambridge

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Dr Toby
Dr Toby

University of Oxford-trained teacher and admissions tutor for humanities, PhD in History and an internship with NASA

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Dr Will
Dr Will

Medical Degree from UCL, Science Communicator and Specialist in Medical Admissions Support

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Experienced Data Scientist and Tutor, MSc Machine Learning (UCL), Part III Mathematics (Cambridge)

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These are The Profs’top 1% of tutors who have a proven track record of success in admissions

What sets our online UCL Applications Programs apart?

Carefully Screened

We only accept the best 3% of tutors that apply to work with us. This gives The Profs one of the toughest approval process of any UK tutoring company. This provides our students with the knowladge that they are receiving a first class service.

Highly Experienced

Our tutors are more than just recent undergraduate students. The majority of our tutors have postgraduate degrees and higher qualifications, with many of them holding PhDs.

Inside Information

Our tutors are academics themselves, with many of them having worked in university admissions. They have the inside scoop on what universities are looking for from their applicants.

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How An UCL Applications Consultant Can Help You

Applying to university isn’t easy and it is made harder if you have your sights set on a leading UK university like UCL. The Profs are here to solve your problem with our team of UCL applications experts. Our carefully chosen tutor team can help you through the UCL admissions process, just like we have supported hundreds of students before you. We have the resources to help with degree applications at a whole range of levels, including undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD.

The Profs are very proud of the university applications service we offer and have the statistics to support this. We are very pleased that 90% of the students we work with have scored a place at either their number one or two university choice. We achieve this by only working with the very best applications tutors, rejecting 97% of other applicants who wish to mentor our students.

We boast the experience and knowledge that it takes to make sure your application is successful. With our expert guidance, you can gain the tools to make you UCL application the strongest it can possibly be. Our group of elite academic mentors can guide you through improving your personal statement and getting the exam results you need to take up your place. If you are likely to be called for an interview for a postgraduate degree, your application support tutor can even school you in responding to questions from an application panel.

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