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PhD in experimental cancer biology, 10 years academic experience. Professional UKCAT Tutor.

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    We provide face-to-face UKCAT tuition in London and Online UKCAT Tutors worldwide.

    Our UKCAT tutors are hand-picked and rigorously interviewed.

    They work with students at all levels – from beginner to advanced – from all over the world.

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  The Profs are head-and-shoulders above the rest for both tutors and students alike. There is plenty of work, students which are engaged with the material and the team in the office are absolutely fantastic.

The mediation between students and tutors is flawless; providing room to shine when all is well and helping enormously when difficult situations arise. I have no hesitation in giving my full-confidence recommendation for any tutor thinking of joining The Profs.  

How a UKCAT Tutor can help you

Ace your application to medical school by mastering the UKCAT with a specialist UKCAT Tutor.

The UK Clinical Aptitude Test often is a crucial first step to a student’s medical or dentistry education and later professional success. Preparing for this aptitude test requires a good study plan, excellent time management and some encouragement.

Studying for the UKCAT means that you are at a stage where you have to cope with the pressure of college or sixth form as well as deal with stress of university applications. A UKCAT tutor will guide you every step of the way as well as motivate and encourage you.. You may wish to focus on a specific problem you’re struggling with, or a subject you feel unsure about, such as, reading comprehension and verbal reasoning, logical reasoning, critical thinking etc. We can provide you with a top UKCAT tutor specialised in the subject you need help with for your UKCAT exam.

Here at The Profs we have specialised tutors within the field of medicine and dentistry who will be able to assist students at whichever level they are working at. Whether you need assistance for one of the five sections of the UKCAT, help with organising your time or an all-round intensive preparation for all the UKCAT sections, our experienced UKCAT tutors can help you reach your goals and get you access to your chosen medicine and dentistry course at any university. Our UKCAT tutors consist of distinguished academics from the UK’s top medical schools.

Our UKCAT tutors provide extensive support in various ways. They will work with you to work out solutions and improve on UKCAT practice test, and they can review worksheets to plan and implement your UKCAT preparation. We offer UK clinical aptitude test tutors within London and for those who live elsewhere world-class online tuition is also available for students.

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