Chemical engineering tutor

Chemical Engineering Tutor

Student is looking for support with phase 2 of his Final Year Project. The student is looking for help designing in great detail a flash tank, stripping column and bio-filter for wastewater purification.

They have completed basic mass and energy balances. He has completed phase 1 which was an outline report and this has been submitted. The topic is essentially turning household waste/water into a product. They are looking for someone experienced with wastewater treatment. It is due on the 4th of April.

Please apply for design brief and assessment guidelines along with their Phase 1 completed report (containing stream tables and rough energy balances) and an example Phase 2 (Group 13) report from a previous year.

Our client has circled in the word document the equipment he must design and in the excel document are his calculations so far over the flash tank and stripping column.

The successful tutor will need a solid chemical engineering background that he can focus on his calculations with.

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  • Date Posted: 30th March 2020
  • Hours: Part Time
  • Location: London

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