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Prices depend on your subject, level of study, and our tutors’ experience.

School Tutoring

Professional help from a tutor for those who need to achieve better grades at school.

+ £70
Registration fee

Undergraduate Tutoring

An expert tutor with many years of experience in the university system.

+ £70
Registration fee

Postgraduate Tutoring

A veteran tutor who is a true authority in their subject.

+ £70
Registration fee

Professional Tutoring

A field-leading tutor with experience in helping students pass professional qualifications.

+ £70
Registration fee

Specialist Tutoring

Tutors with an exemplary track record of helping students get outstanding results. These tutors come from the world's most prestigious universities.

+ £70
Registration fee

Applications Support

Our admissions tutors have a proven track record of helping students receive offers from top universities. They have typically worked in the universities admissions field themselves.


We Offer Discounts

Block Bookings

We offer discounts for block bookings. 5% off for 10 hours and 10% off for 20 hours of tutoring paid upfront.

Group Discounts

Pair up with friends and learn together for less. Each additional student will only need to pay 50% of the rate.

Get £70

Get £70 transferred to your bank account when you refer a friend or family member who we hire as a tutor. There is no limit to how many you can recommend! *T&Cs apply’

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General FAQs

Some our most frequently asked questions

Private Tutor Prices

How much does private tuition cost? Our private tutor rates begin at £60 for school tutoring (GCSE, IB, and A Level). The private tutor hourly rate goes up to £120 for work with our specialists. These specialist teachers hold degrees from some of the world’s most famous educational institutions and have a proven track record of generating great student outcomes.

PhD Tutors Prices

How much is a tutor for PhD students? The Profs’ PhD private tuition rates start at £90 per hour.

University Tutor Prices

What does a university tutor cost? Our university tutor rates start from £75 per hour for undergraduates and £90 per hour for postgraduates. We also offer specialist university tutoring rates for students studying demanding modules at a higher level. In addition to our hourly university prices, we charge a £50 registration fee and a £20 matching fee.

A Level Tutor Rates

What are your A Level tutoring rates? Our A Level tuition rates start at £60 per hour. The Profs also ask for a deposit of £20 when you first contact us and a placement fee of £50.

GCSE Tutor Prices

Our GCSE tutoring rates start at £60 per hour. The Profs’ GCSE tutoring prices factor in the experience and success rates of the tutors on our network. In addition to our by-hour GCSE tutor prices, we also request a £20 matching fee and a £50 placement fee.

Private Tutors Rates

How much do private tutors cost? We provide private tutors at all levels and for all subjects. The cost of a private tutor starts at £60 at The Profs. Our private tutoring costs go up to £150 for admissions support for students applying to top universities.

Online Tutoring Prices

Our online tutoring pricing does not include a travel fee for the tutor’s commute. We offer tutoring video calls, so our Zoom tutoring prices start at £60 per hour for school-level work. Our online tutor prices go up to £120 per hour for specialist, advanced-level tuition. The Profs’ online tutor price for admissions tutoring is £150 per hour.

Home Tutor Prices

How much is home tutoring? Our in-home tutoring rates start from £60 per hour for school students. Our homeschooling tutor prices often include an additional fee to cover the tutor’s travel expenses.

English Tutoring Prices

Our private English tutor price depends on the tuition level needed. Our prices per hour are from £60 for school tuition, £75 for undergraduate tuition, £90 for postgraduate tuition, £105 for professional tutoring, and £120 for specialist tutoring. Our English tutor price per hour is £150 for university admissions. English tutoring prices average at £30 per hour in the UK, but these tutors typically instruct younger students (Key Stage 1 and 2), and lack The Profs’ tutors’ expertise and success record.

Maths Tutor Prices

Private Maths tutor prices range from £60 per hour for school level to £120 per hour for specialist Maths tutoring in advanced or niche topics. Our GCSE Maths tutor prices and A level Maths tutor prices are both £60 per hour. The standard Maths tutor prices (UK) average around £30 per hour. These tutors, however, usually only tutor younger years (primary and junior) and lack the experience and track record of the tutors on The Profs’ network.

How much does home tuition cost?

For school pupils, our home tutoring costs begin at £60 per hour. Our home tuition price tutor costs can include a charge to compensate for the tutor’s travel expenses.

How much do tutors cost?

The average price for tutoring per hour at the Profs is £86. This includes the tuition rates for students receiving teaching at advanced university levels and those signed up for university application support. When you first contact us, we require a £20 payment to ensure that you are committed to hiring a tutor. There is a one-time placement fee of £50 for new clients for their first tutor match. This is designed to pay the administrative costs.

How much are group tutoring rates UK?

The first student pays the full rate per hour for group tutoring, but each additional student will only pay 50% of the hourly rate. The rate per hour for the tutoring will depend on the subject, level and experience of the tutor. The online nature of our tutoring allows students to work with others in the UK and around the globe.

How much does a private tutor cost UK?

How much are private tutors? Our tutoring prices vary from £60 per hour (for school level) to £150 (for university admissions support). Our tutors educate students from around the world, at different levels of study and in various subjects. However, most of our tutors and students are based in the UK.

How much is a tutor per hour?

The Profs’ have a range of tutors available at different hourly rates. The cost per hour is from £60-£150 and depends on the subject and level of study. When a bank transfer for a considerable number of hours is made in advance, we can offer a discount. The discount is 5% for ten hours and 10% for twenty. We do offer further savings for bigger hourly bundles on request.

How much does a tutor cost?

The price of a tutor depends on three main factors: subject, level and experience of the tutor. Our tutors decide how much to charge for tutoring based on their specialism and knowledge. The Profs’ rates for private tutors include a £50 registration fee that provides you with unrestricted access to our network of expert teachers, and our £20 matching fee helps us choose the perfect tutor for your learning.
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